Comprehensive Sex Education at Schools

ESI – Comprehensive Sex Education at Schools
Challenges for the Teachers of English Language
First HUB – The Gender Perspective
On this first on line meeting we have discussed on lively concepts easily and readily available in our own speech as well as our surroundings. As teachers as well as individuals we face – daily – prejudices and the “common sense” as cosmovision.
Discussing basics concepts to ESI ( sex, gender, sexual choice) we recovers the necessity of frame them clearly recognising their own reachings as well as a way of stopping Gender-based discrimination and persisting violence within the context of a traditional patriarchal society.
Language as a sociological concept might help us to show sexual rights as human rights.



Political Language: London Mayoral Election

London Mayoral Election

  • Political Language

Many days ago I was fascinated for the London Mayoral Election, I have followed the instances and I have learnt many things about the British Democracy.  For the London Mayoralty there were twelve candidates representing interesting political forces. One which caught my attention was the “Cannabis is safer than Alcohol Party”, whose goal is obviously more than clear. The candidate was an old man closely similar to an old and lovely Grandfather….

1polling station

  •                                PHOTO: POLLING STATIONS

In the City Hall after the closing of polls, the  England Nationalist Party candidate gave his back when the Labourist Candidate – Mr Kahn – offered a pep talk in the City Hall Podium now as London Mayor.

Most candidates recall the necessity of 15.000 new houses in London. After eight years of Conservative Government, Londoners asked for a change.


– A ballot box –

In the public eye stood out of the crowd the Conservative Candidate  Zac Goldsmith, a incredible handsome man full of charme.  He is the son of one of the richest man in the world and  he was given first class education and even when he was expelled from Eton College, he has built a career focused in Environmental issues.

A true British gentleman living in a wealthy borough of London.He was heavily criticised because his lack of knowledge of metro stations of London (the tube) and some rivals have blamed him of uncommitted.  After the final results even some members of his team have said that the was not a robust candidate.

1zac delivering milk

Early morning, Zac Goldsmith delivering milk.

Against all odds Zac Goldsmith ran the race shoulder to shoulder and worked really hard. He also made a morning milk delivery in the populous neighbourhoods to close the gap and show himself as an ordinary and committed man for all Londoners.

British Journalists are quite stark when questioning, once a lady journalist asked Zac: what qualifies you for the job? A tough question!

In the cabinet route all candidates displayed passion talking about more home, better transport, clean air and pollution remedy.

Despite his manifold faults the Labourist Candidate Sadiq Kahn won, he showed himself as a strong leader taking the flag of diversity and public transport and with 45% of the votes he won the London Mayoralty.

Smears from both sides took place and some journalist saw the campaign as a divisive process trying to put communities against each other.

Finally on 6th May the new Mayor of London was announced in a vividly pink paper:


More Vocabulary

  • To cast the vote
  • A smear
  • Down to the wire: Idiomatic Expression, Something which will be discovered, made, solved at the very very end of the process, in the last minute. Zac Goldsmith used to say: “This election will be down to the wire”.
  • To follow the entire process please watch this video created by a  British Journalist:

London Mayoral Election l Review