The 12 days of Christmas

In the middle Ages, Christmas celebrations were quite different. People used to spend Advent time in peace and silence, praying and keeping a pious behaviour until 24th December, when they all would go to to sleep to wait for Christmas.

On December 25th we celebrate Christmas and Jesus birth. The following days we do not celebrate, but in the past Christians used to celebrate every day after Christmas until January 6th ( The Epiphany). This carol, is a beloved one, dedicated to the 12 Days of Christmas.


Idioms : Losing my religion

LOSING MY RELIGION, is an idiom from the South of the United States of America and it is not connected with religion at all !!

Losing the religion, could be expressed as losing the control of their own, losing the composure.


R.E.M. Losing my Religion ( SONG)

English #History

I share with you these lovely pictures about Britain and its militar history, you may use the pictures to describe clothing.

Royal Fusilers, First Line circa 1780.