Powerful Words : Like

All these sentences contain the forms of the word “like”. Try to find their accurate meaning.

  1. I don´t feel like going out tonight.
  2. Would you like a cool drink?
  3. I like my children to walk home in a group; it is much safer than by themselves.
  4. What’s it like?
  5. He is tall and skinny, unlike his father who is short and fat.
  6. If you like, we can watch a video tonight.
  7. I think he is likely the winner. He is already ten points ahead.
  8. Fortunately, all our neighbours are very like-minded people.
  9. I find him a really likeable person.

10. Are you going to help him? – Not likely! He never helps anyone else.

  1. 11.  I don’t think there’s any likelihood of him coming now.
  2. 12.  There are so many wild animals there like rhinos, lions, giraffes, buffalos. It is fantastic!


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